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For quite some time I've been into development of several Android apps. It started with the desire to make a simple safe shutdown app for the MK802, a cheap Chinese device that had serious problems shutting down properly. Every now and then, the device required to be reflashed after a shutdown.




WonderMedia Analyser:


a very small device hardware configuration analyser with output to SD. This tool was widely used before flashing any device based on the WonderMedia SoC to ensure hardware compatibility with new firmware. After a report of the current hardwareconfiguration is dumped, one can recover lost functionality such as touchscreen.








TechKnow ToolKit:


a very small, very useful app for Android Techs, allowing all sorts of debug stuff and functions to root a device. Featuring LogCat, ErrorLogCat, Root Check, BB Check, IP Config, RW Remount, /system dump and it features a slightly improved version of the WonderMedia Analyser tool.





When I was developing firmware for WonderMedia, I noticed a strange behavior in the firmware. Later it became clear that these devices came default with a trojan inside, once the trojan was removed, it would lock up the device with the message that the device was in "demo mode".

This app removed the trojan and the demo lock from the system using cleaned framework files! It was downloaded about 30.000 times in the first month it came out.

Device Info:


The successor of the TechKnow ToolKit, this time with the ability to read stored Wi-Fi passwords and more general device aimed Device Info Report function. This tool can give you a lot of essential information of your Android device and is compatible with all devices out there, and even different filesystems!

TechKnow Universal ADB Driver:

In order to eliminate the need for many ADB drivers, basically doing the same I've created a modified Google ADB driver that supports and incredible amount (1000+) devices. This driver is very popular and featured in the XDA video news.


The Uberizer is a multi function Android management, backup, control and hacking tool, capable of reverse engineering and mass device control, featuring more than 200 functions, it can be considered the swiss army knife for Android.