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Author Topic: Basic Uberizer Guide  (Read 10274 times)

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Basic Uberizer Guide
« on: October 28, 2012, 02:27:24 AM »
Hello TechKnow Member,

Here are some important things to know when you are about the use the Uberizer:

1. The Uberizer will wait for your device to be connected (unless you go to the start menu and choose there OFFLINE(nodetect)), if it fails in getting the device status, the driver is not good, and Uberizer will not continue to the main menu, but instead will loop the PONG animation until a device is ADB recognized on the system connects.

2. The device that you connect will need drivers to be installed, the most common drivers for this have been added to the \usb_driver directory. The driver should NOT have a yellow sign with an exclamation mark on it in the Device Manager.

3. The device must be setup correctly to use ADB, go to "Settings \ Developer options \ USB debugging" and check "Debug mode when USB is connected"

4. Uberizer needs a ROOTED device to mod and control. If your device is not rooted, your model could be 'UNKNOWN'. First thing you need to do is root your device! Use menu 'c' in the Uberizer to try some root procedures, and run root tests. Rooting can only be done through WIRED Uberizing.

Good luck,

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